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Leaf observations

Submitted by mpetracchi on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:29

The object I am observing in this draft is a group of leaves detached from an unkown plant. It contains a stem and and three small leaflets that come off of a main joint near the center. The leaves are a dark green color on the top-side, which are glossy and reflect light when angled properly, and a lighter green on the bottom. If light is shown on the back the front shows a scaly pattern and is slghtly transluscent. The leaves are flexible and very light. The top leaflet in particular has some interesting discoloration to it that appears to be a snake like mark on the right side which is much darker than the rest of the leaf. This particular leaflet opens up much like a fan and has identical rounded edges starting about half-way up the leaf to the end which both sides meet at the tip forming a point. The leaflet on the right side is small, much smaller than the leaflet on the left and the top. It also has a curved pattern edge starting about half-way up the leaflet, however, it isn't as symmetrical as the top leaflet. The curved pattern on the upper side of the leaf is smaller than its lower half. On the lower portion of the right leaflet a small lump con be found on the track of a vein on the lower half. The left leaflet is similar to the right, but larger. It has a similar ridge pattern and a similar lump near a vein. The leaf has an earthy smell and a waxy texture. The leaflets are 55mm across from one point to another and about 60 mm from the top leaflet to the stem. The stem itself is much sturdier than the rest of the leaflets, has a red color on the top, and a lighter red color on the opposite side. The end of the stem is bulbous and contains no roots.



Consider varying sentence length, most of your sentences are very long and may be able to be condensed without losing meaning.

The beginning of most of the sentences begin with The. Consider changing the sentence formats so that they are not as repettitive in structure. 

Try to have shorter and more concise sentences rather than long repetitive sentences.