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Leaf Observation Revised

Submitted by semans on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:02

The object is a stem ending in three glossy, green leaves featuring some red-brown splotches. The stem is a matte, reddish-brown colour covered in fuzzy, white hairs. The leaves have similar hair extending out from their contours, though individual hairs are thicker, sparser and have a yellow tinge. The leaves are somewhat opaque, their yellow-green vein systems letting through the most light and creating a scale-like pattern on each leaf. Each leaf is shaped like an extended, rounded V, topped with a series of nubs that build symmetrically into a point. From the middle leaf's top to the stem's end the object is 7.7 cm long. Though waxy on top, the leaves are matte underneath, paler in colour, and rougher in texture.



"Colour" is the British spelling. In the US "color" would be preferred (although a journal might specify which to prefer in a manuscript.)

I really like the new revised version of your paragraph. I also liked that you did not use personal phrases such as "I think" or "I would". I would avoid using subjective language, because subjective language is open to question or interpretation as it implies personal thought or belief. Write your statements as if you are writting objective statement of facts.