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leaf observation

Submitted by ziweiwang on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:40

The stem of the leaf is reddish-pink with the darkest color at the point where three of the leaves join together. The color is similar to rhubarb almost where the color is vastly more blue-tinted rather than orange-tinted, more berry tone rather than coral tones. Looking at the end of the stem, the outside of the stem is pink the inside is green. The inside is also fibrous, with uneven strands, giving the impression that the leaf is ripped apart from the tree rather than cut with a scissor or fallen from the tree naturally. The fibrous inside is slightly glossy that gives an impression of being wet or at least there used to be some liquid on the stem. it's the glossiness where a sugary viscous drink is spilled over on a surface and after it has been dried, there are sticky spots that when the light hits it just rights it becomes shiny as though there is a waxy varnish on the surface.  At the end of the stem, there are some sort of white waxy substance that is not present in any of the other parts of the stem



The description of the leaf stalk being rhubarb color is on point! That really nails it! Maybe contemplate what the white waxy substance is? Give suggestions?

Be sure to double check your writing before submission (eg. '...when the light hits it just rights it...').

Every sentence should start with a capitalized sentence. "It's the glossiness where a sugary..."