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Leaf observation

Submitted by kheredia on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:08

Draft notes:

-leaf, bulbous, decaying, light green, 3 parts, ret tint on middle leaf, wavy, reddish stem, light reflective, earthy smell..distinct smell, yellow veins, scaly yet mostly smooth


This compound leaf has three leaflets that join at a red-tinted stem. Two are faced opposite to one another and the third sits atop on the same plane as the stem which connects them. The leaflets are bulbous and round with asymmetrical, wavy margins and yellow veins that course through them. A closer look reveals the faint scaly imprints that run across the flat and smooth surface of the top of each leaflet. Though the color of this plant is green, there are some signs of decay. This is shown by some small brown spots and squiggles. Arguably, the most notable characteristic of this leaf is the distinct and earthy smell it gives off.