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Submitted by zalam on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:23

The leaf had a thin stem with three green leaves jetting out in different directions, along with a very evident sweet yet minty smell. The red stem had thin, hair-like projections all over and its color extended to a certain point after the stem divided into main veins. The edges of the leaves are straight at the bottom unlike the top. Each vein had a reddish tint like the stem, but it gradually turned greenish-yellow moving to the pointy top. On one side of the leaf, the surface had a matte effect and was paler in color. On the other side, the leaf was a darker green and had a shiny surface. Placing the leaf on its pale end, certain size and shape differences were very clear. The left leaf was slightly smaller than the right leaf - later when measured, a 0.2cm difference was found. However, they were both very similar in shape - rounded. Conversely, the leaf in the center was much bigger (5.5cm) and was wider at the top than the bottom. Furthermore, the red tint, originating from the stem, started to disappear earlier in the smaller leaves in comparison to the bigger leaf. There were brown discolorations on the leaves. Surprisingly, the two side leaves had them in the same spot as each other (left of the main vein, towards the bottom). The center leaf had it in the top right corner.



I appreciate the short and to the point method of writing you employ here.

I can definitely see the image of your leaf pictured in my head with the description you provided.

The sentence in which you talk about the edges of the leaves being straight at the bottom unlike the top, I think you could be more specific about what this means. The leaves seemed to have curved edges on both sides (based on my observations), so this sentence reads a little unclear in terms of which part of the leaf you are referencing.