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Submitted by ekirchner on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:07

The plant I observed in class had a long stem that was rigid at one end, suggesting it had been harshly plucked instead of cut. It has a dark red tint with a thin brown line on one side. The stem is very red at the point where it splits into three green leaves. As the stem splits, it fades into a light yellow color throughout the vascular system of the leaves. The two leaves on the sides are small, with scalloped edges and dark green coloring. The middle leaf is elongated and is a lighter green color also with scalloped edges, and it leans slightly to the left. The middle leaf also has two brown squiggles from leaf miners that may have resided there. The plant overall is not planar, as the middle leaf protrudes farther forward than the lateral ones. All 3 of the leaves come to a dull point, and they are bumpy due to the veins that run through them. The front side of the plant is slightly darker with a waxy coating, while the backside is a lighter green and is a little rougher in texture. They are also scaley or cracked, similar to the skin on the back of a human hand if one looks closely.

The plant measures 65 mm in height and 62 mm in breadth, and the length of the stem from the blunt end to the splitting point is 23 mm. It also has a strong scent that lingers, although I can't exctly place what it smells like.