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Introduction part 1

Submitted by mpetracchi on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 10:18

The primary goal of this project is to explore replication in a scientific setting. Studies in the scientific community are considered valid only if replicability is possible. Studies are replicable if they include detailed methods sections that explain exactly how to follow their own procedure. This type of writing may be challenging as assumptions must not be taken into account and there must be a balance of detail to the length of methods. This project seeks to explore these issues and make note of how to properly write replicable methods sections.


The secondary goal of this lab is to distinguish clearly between differences and inferences. Coming to a conclusion about two different pieces of data may be quick and easy for some, however, defining what a difference and inference is, may not be. For example, if two different fonts are used in two figures the difference would not be the different fonts. Rather the difference in the lettering style of the text itself. This is the observable difference. The inference then becomes ‘the fonts are different’. This statement requires previous knowledge of different font styles. This project helps explain the difference versus inference issue through the results and discussion section where the differences are kept to the results and inferences to the discussion.