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Herd Immunity

Submitted by smomalley on Fri, 09/27/2019 - 13:38

Vaccines are extremely important for the health of our society as a whole. Vaccines do not only work to protect the recipient, they protect immunocompromised individuals in the population. Vaccines work by training your immune system to fight specific diseases. Many deadly diseases have been almost eraticated in the United States because of the high rates of vacinations. If a high percentage of individuals in a population are vaccinated for a certain disease, it makes it difficult for that disease to infultrate the community. This is how immunocompromised individuals are proteccted from diseases. An individual who is undergoing chemotherapy cannot be vaccinated, they are thereofre vulnerable to diseases. If that individual lives in a community with high rates of vaccination, it is much less likely that the disese will enter the community and infect that individual. Some individuals choose not to vaccinate their children, this is a big problem for everyone. These children are not only more susseptible to diseases, but they are endangering individuals who depend on herd immunity. There are certain pockets in America with high rates of unvacinated children. These communities could easily cause an epidemic of a previusly eradicated disease. Travel is made easy in today's world; this can spread disease from foreign countries to the US. If an unvaccinated individual contrcts this disease, it could cause an epidemic in the United States.



The order of ideas is a bit fragmented. Reordering the sentences by subject matter and creating transition sentences between topics would help.

Im not sure about human medicine but in veterinary medicine an immunocompromised patient usually cannot receive vaccines so I am assuming this is the same in people? You could mention that immunocompromised people cannot receive vaccines for protection which is why it is important for the rest of healthy population to get them to protect those people. That would make a good first sentence it would bring up the subject and why your talking about the subject. I found myself wondering what the immunocomprised people have to do with other people getting vaccinated until I got halfway through the paragrpah and I put two and two together.

Consider proofreading your perfect paragraphs to ensure there are no spelling errors prior to posting, for example "previusly" and "thereofre".