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Submitted by ekirchner on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 12:54

GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are all around us, but the stigma that surrounds them are misinforming the public. The anti-GMO community has spread this idea that consuming or handling a genetically modified produce item could hurt you or affect your health in some way. Crops have been naturally and artificially evolving for thousands of years, and just because the most recent forms of most are due to human interference, does not mean that they are more likely to hurt you. The process through which food can be genetically modified has helped us as a society become healthier and better nourished, making sure we all get the most nutrients possible. It has also led to new technologies, ones that are still being developed, but will be extremely beneficial to medicine long term. 




You say "hurt you" a few times and while that gets the point across, it could be made more specific on what people are actually afraid of with GMOs.

I agree with the other comment. Hurt you is very informal for a scientific paragraph. You an either remove the use of this or explain what the 'hurt' entails.


In your sentence that ends with "...making sure we all get the most nutrients possible.", using the phrase 'making sure' gives a sort of personification to the GMO process. Instead, use something along the lines of facilitating or ensuring.

"the stigma that surrounds them IS misinforming the public"