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Flu shot

Submitted by smomalley on Wed, 10/09/2019 - 13:29

As we get closer to flu season it is important to think about getting the flu shot. The strain of the flu changes every year and therefore the vaccine changes to keep up with the changing proteins on the virus. The vaccine is so important for so many reasons. I myself used to forget or not bother to get the yearly vaccine, but now I make sure to get it every year to protect myself and everyone around me. Individuals who are immunocompromised cannot get vaccines because that will result in sickness. These immunocompromised individuals can be protected if the majority of individuals around them are vaccinated. If the majority of a population is vaccinated, the virus has a hard time infultrating the population, and it is virtually impossible for an outbreak. Therefore everyone should keep up with their flu vaccines to prevent contraction of the virus for themselves, as well as immunocompromised individuals who cannot recieve the vaccine and rely on others for protection.