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Figure comparison

Submitted by zalam on Fri, 09/27/2019 - 14:05

I compared the figures on page 27. The image quality for the first one is better than the second - it is quite blurry. The first one has a close up shot of B and was most possibly taken at night rather than the day – unlike B in the second figure. Part C is also a close up shot for the first figure unlike the second one – the first one shows a single tree while the second one shows multiple and is slightly more vague since it has a greater amount of background. There is relatively less moss in the second figure for D compared to the first figure. Part E in the second figure seems to be the same image as D, but perhaps another angle or area. On the other hand, E in the first figure looks different from D.

Categories and cause:

Image quality - The blurriness could be due to the software used - Inkscape vs. Word. It could also be caused due to the camera quality.

Time of the day - Part B of the first figure has darkness in the background indicating that the image could have been taken at night while the Part B for the second image may have been taken during the day.

Distance between the person and the object - The person making the second figure may not have been entirely sure of which tree was to be photographed and so they were further away when taking the picture for C, making it quite vague.

Different areas - The second figure had less moss in comparison to the first figure. The area could have been different.