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eye sight

Submitted by smomalley on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 09:32

We use our sight to get information from our surroundings and process it. Our eye sight develops over time to become clearer and more acurate with colors. Babies, when they are a few months old, have 20/800 vision, which is terrible. The fraction means that if an object is 20 feet away, it looks like it is 800 feet away. Pretty early in development, babies are able to recognize faces because of a facial pettern. They mostly see light and shaddows with very blurred color, but they see the pattern of a face, and see best from about six inches away. The faces of their caregivers are the ones babies recognize first because they see them so often. Over time babies gain better eye sight and can see clear shapes and colors at about 1 years old, but will not develop adult-like vision until about 4-6 years old.