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Submitted by bpmccarthy on Tue, 10/08/2019 - 18:05

The organization present in the different forms of life on Earth is astounding. In a plant physiology class that I took last semester, we looked at a lot of different processes that plants use to survive. As multicellular organisms, a lot goes into a plant in order for it to survive. From photosynthesis to maintaining homeostasis, many processes are going on at once to keep the plant alive. Examining the cell pathways and interactions in and outside of the plant, it is easy to get lost because of how many steps are usually involved with these processes. With how complicated these processes are, it is easy not to get lost in awe of how organized these processes are. Certain things only happen depending on the completion of other events, and other things require the presence of so many things in a particular order. The same can be said about mostly every organism. Every organism has tightly regulated processes that try to ensure survival and the level of organization that goes into the different cell pathways, etc. is mind-blowing and it makes me think of how miraculous it really is that all this life can exist on Earth.