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elevator pitch

Submitted by ziweiwang on Thu, 12/05/2019 - 23:46

My name is Ziwei, and this is my poster on how the removal of the seed coat affects the seed germination rate. So, what is the seed coat? The seed coat is a protective covering that surrounds the seed and protects the seed from the environment that the adult plant may not be able to survive in. In addition to the protective role that the seed coat plays, the seed coat also plays a role in controlling germination and produces some compounds that are beneficial to the seed. This indicates that while it may seem like the seed coat is not doing anything, the seed coat is actually biologically active. One of the things that have been suggested recently is that the seed coat actually impedes seed growth.  The reason why the timing of germination is important is if the seed starts germinating, there is no going back. There is no way for a germinated seed to become ungerminated. However, there are situations where a faster germination rate would be an advantage. To see if the removal of the seed coat increased the germination rate, we removed the seed coat of the seed, and allowed it to germinate, and measured the rate. Our result indicates that the seed germination is somewhat faster in certain types of seeds, however, we were not able to get a definite answer of whether removing the seed coat caused the seed to germinate faster. Due to the small sample size. My personal theory is that because there are so many compounds that seed coat produces, there may be some compounds that are produced by the seed coat that is needed for germination. Because of this, my next experiment would be to remove half of the seed coat and see if that would make the seed germinate faster because if only half of the coat was removed, there would be a beneficial compound without the physical barrier of a seed coat. That's basically what this project is about. Do you have any questions?



Good pitch- since this is given in person it is not a big deal but there is a sentence near the end which states "Due to the small sample size" which is not a complete sentence


'That's basically what this project is about.' sounds a little too unsure, be confident in your elevator pitch!

watch out for bias!! "there is no way for..." perhaps say, according to (reliable source)

You need to be sure to explain your phrase "There is no way for a germinated seed to become ungerminated." Is this backed by science?