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Submitted by mlabib on Fri, 12/06/2019 - 14:30



My name is Mariam Labib, and I am a junior presenting to you the Effect of Air Quality on Lichens in Different Areas of the Forest. I will start off by speaking to you about the background as well as methods. My classmates and I went to a secluded area filled with trees, bushes, etc right behind Orchard Hill Residents Halls. We walked across a road which then led into a forest. We then created a plot which was three meters into the forest. Within this plot, we had put flags around the edge to make sure we respect the guidelines of our project. We then took a 1 meter measuring tape, we started at the bottom of the tree and went up 1 meter. We then split the task, and each person counted how many lichens there were in a 5x5-inch metal grid. We repeated this until the grids filled up the one meter. It is important to note we made sure that we took these measurements on each “north side” of every tree, as per the Lichens Textbook found in Professor Brewer’s office, this is what was noted. We repeated this in the second plot which was 20 meters into the forest. Our hypothesis was that there would be more lichens in an area 20 meters deep into the forest, as it has less disturbances such as gas rising from cars from the road, thus having better quality of life for the lichens to grow and populate. We found that the trees which were 20 meters deep into the forest had more lichens, thus proving our hypothesis. Additionally, our p value was small which indicates it is significant. Overall, it was a very successful project. In the future, I believe there are many modifications that can be done to have a larger difference in our results, but this is a great step forward in the research area of lichens!