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Submitted by damianszyk on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 18:23

Before beginning to write the daily drafts, I thought to myself that writing for 30 minutes a day is not long at all. However, soon after the semester began, I found myself slacking on writing my daily drafts. Soon after, I began to designate a time each day to spend 30 minutes writing. After writing a few of these drafts, I thought it was very interesting as it allowed us to write about almost anything I want. I found myself looking up articles about daily news in science, reading them, and writing a short summary about them. There were thousands of articles to choose from and I picked the ones that I thought were interesting. The good thing about this is that I enjoyed what I was reading so I can write about it a lot easier. Writing these drafts meant that I was improving the way I write and allowed me to understand scientific articles. Throughout the semester, these blog drafts had an effect on the way I was writing in science later on in the semester.