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Draft 2

Submitted by dfmiller on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 17:48

Artificial intelligence is a topic of discussion throughout the country. Blue collar workers and some white collar workers are equally terrified of this prospect, as many jobs are in line to be completely automated away. These at-risk jobs are varied, from truck driving and warehouse work to low level law and accounting. While it is true that AI could change the landscape of our current work environment, it can also assist us in medicine, genomics, and even crop improvement in agriculture. Neural networks have an extraordinary ability to process and analyze extremely large data sets; such as the human genome. In doing so, AI has the ability to make connections, reccomendations, and even diagonse efficiently. AI will shift the labor market, that is for certain. But with the proper response from policymakers, with plans in place to protect workers most vulnerable of these labor shifts, AI can prove to be a tool that can benefit all of humanity.