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Draft #2

Submitted by rmmcdonald on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 11:55

At first glance, one might assume the brute cement appearance of Herter seems unappealing. With its off white cement exterior that is stained with grey and black streaks from years of abuse from the elements, it seems rather uninviting. However, when the coloring of Herter is overlooked the finer details of the building cannot go unnoticed. This building may be the aptimy of brutalist architecture. Each cement block is carved with perfectly uniform minor details. Holes of the same circumference are carved at the same points along the side of a building. These holes perhaps bring a sense of texture and interactiveness with the building. Similarly when looking up at the roof while standing right below it, concentric squares are carved in. This again gives the brutalist building a sense of greater symmetry and texture. An otherwise unsightly crack also adds to the character of building. The crack defies the perfect geometric shapes imprinted around the building almost alluding to a sturdy, old Roman column cracking. Overall, I would argue that Herter is rather beautiful building. Its consistent and brutal character induces a unique feeling that I cannot quite place. Compared to other UMass buildings I will conceed Herter is far from being the greatest architectural feet.