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Differences in Figures Practice

Submitted by rmmcdonald on Fri, 09/27/2019 - 13:56

Figure 26:

The lighting of the figures seem significantly different. The figure on the left might have only used the flash for picture A while the figure on the right used the flash for photo A. However both figures used the flash for picture B. As for picture C, it is hard to tell what might have caused the difference in lighting. It might be caused by a difference in focus. As for the picture, the picture meant to establish the setting, the figure on the left has the flower to the side while the picture on the right has the flower focused in the middle. As for picture B, the one on the left is more zoomed in than the one on the right. This same difference occured in picture C as well. The flower appears to have changed as well. It seems to have wilted in the time between when the photos were taken.

Possible Categories:


Figure on the left had better lighting than the figre on the right. The right seemed to used the flash more which distorted the imade.


The images altogether are the same physical size. However the zoom on the images differ since the figure on the left has photos that are generally more close up.


The flash impacted the coloring diference between the two figures. The figure on the right had more grey in it because of the flash.

Set up of Figure:

The set up of the figures are exactly the same except for the font of the letters that mark what the images are.