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Cricket methods 2

Submitted by kheredia on Tue, 11/19/2019 - 19:59

The following equipment was used to ensure proper handling of subjects and simulate a light or dark environment. Two containers were used as vessels to house both sexes of crickets, respectively. Holes were poked into the lids of the containers to ensure proper ventilation for the insects. Two larger containers were used as arenas, where the majority of the experiment was conducted. In the first large container, used as the light environment simulation, a lamp of 5 watts was placed directly overhead. This angle of the lamp was to help mimic the brightness of the sun at noon.

The second large container, simulating the dark environment, had only minimal, ambient light from the window. The low, natural light was necessary for the observers to assess latin name cricket. Two vials were used to safely transfer the crickets from their housing containers to the light and dark arenas, in which they could be properly observed.