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Cranberry Flowering Time Perfect Paragraph

Submitted by nskinner on Fri, 11/01/2019 - 21:56

Research has shown that cultivated cranberries react to warmer temperatures by flowering earlier; just as wild flowers do. This has critical implications to both cultivators and symbiotic species that utilize cranberries in Massachusetts. Cultivators face challenges by the earlier flowering of cranberries. The effect of phenology alteration due to climate change is also important when considering the relationship between pollinators and plants. Using controlled and well recorded cranberry bogs in Massachusetts can help understand the processes of earlier flowering times throughout the world.



This is a very interesting topic. You could expand it farther by stating general trends from past years, and what you see this problem leading to in the future if the pattern of climate change continues

Try avoiding vague descriptors such as 'important' and 'critical' by giving specific examples.

It's an interesting topic, but the paragraph seems to have a lot of claims such as it has critical implications and cultivators face a lot of challenges by the earlier flowering of cranberries, but there never seems to be any detail that is provided which would explain why it's so critical or why it poses a challenge. I think that this would function really well as an abstract or an introductory paragraph if it was fleshed out a little.