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Control Variables PP

Submitted by mpetracchi on Sun, 10/06/2019 - 21:12

The third goal of this lab is to Identify potential variables that must be controlled for the replicability of the study. For the best results, I will be writing my methods using descriptive and explicit language. Specifying the path I took to the proper plant and taking a picture from the proper angle, will be the first part. I will determine a landmark as a starting point and give detailed notes on the pathing I took to find my plant. The photo angles, especially for the ‘distant shot', will have clear steps and notes on my positioning and height. I will also describe where I am in relation to the plant. This will require detail because it can be very easy to step back and take a photograph of the plant with a completely different background. Another variable to control is the time of day. It is important the person replicating my work takes the photos at a similar time of day to match the shadows and lighting. A third factor I can control is how the final figure will be constructed. Careful instructions will be written for each step, beginning from the software used to the final touches. Methods sections may seem dry and unnecessary, however, having proper notes for every step along the way separates an easily replicable experiment from another.



I like the fact that it was future tense. this would work well for the introduction. 

I wouldn't use words like proper. mainly because I think you've used it two sentences in a row and you can specify what proper means

I like how they are very detailed especially when you say "where I am in relation to the plant", that is something I missed! 

In the first sentence, the i in identify should not be capitalized