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Cody Draft 3/6

Submitted by kheredia on Tue, 09/10/2019 - 11:15

Living near farmland can be beneficial as there are several opportunities to observe wildlife in my apartment's backyard. Today in particular I took a close look at the neighborhood horse, Cody. From viewing distance, he reaches six and a half feet tall and looks to be very well fed. Cody's coat is a burnt orange while his mane and tail is more of a blonde. His most notable characteristic is his large hooves. They are easily the size of a human face and have a tough exterior. Usually, his owners braid both his mane and tail, but today that feature was absent in the horse's appearance. Cody almost always allows strangers to get close to him, which is a sign of comfortable exposure to humans as well as confirmation that he is well taken care of. He frequently is let out during the evening to graze for at least an hours worth, and only sometimes is he out and about beforehand. Other than the few random periods where he is out in the mornings or afternoons, his schedule is mostly consistent.