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Submitted by kheredia on Fri, 10/25/2019 - 10:18

Most people believe that coding is difficult, and those people are right. However; the most important thing you need to know about coding is that you can enjoy doing it. Often, others think coding is only fun for people who love computers, but the reality is coding can be applied to so many hobbies, projects, and careers. Not only that, but coding gives you the freedom to build whatever software you would like, so if you ever wanted to create your own website or service, it is possible through coding. Learning to code has never been easier as more resources become available and free to use. Getting started, beginners usually are guided to create puzzles and games centered around key ideas/concepts of the programming world to learn more about it. If I wish to create, there is an endless amount of knowledge on the internet that is free and readily available to help steer anyone to become proficient at what they desire.