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Child development

Submitted by smomalley on Thu, 10/24/2019 - 16:46

When kids are about three years old, they are able to understand depth perception and visual illusions. If a researcher places a toy in a bucket, the baby will reach inside the bucket to retreieve the toy. The baby also understands quantity. If a resercher has grahm crackers and places one in a backet and two in a seperate bucket right next to each other, the baby will immediately go to the bucket containing two grahm crackers.  The baby doesn't understand the representation of quantity using numbers, but does understand that one bucket contains more than the other. Similarly, when kids get a little bit older (3-4) they are able to count to ten. This does not mean anything however, just that they can remember a series of words. When a researcher points to two pictures and asks which picture contains a certain number of dots, the child has no idea which is which. The kids are able to memorize a pattern, but don't understsand the meaning of the words.