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Submitted by ekirchner on Sat, 12/07/2019 - 23:13

BORIS is a program used in the life sciences for coding and observation of videos. In my lab, we use BORIS to code for teh behavior of slugs in obervational experiments. I am currently using this program to score the behavior of baby slugs after exposing them to conpressin for an hour. I record them for an hour in untreated conditions, and then for an hour in water with a 10^-6 concentration of conopressin. The behaviors I am scoring for are explore, turn (either right or left and 180/360 degrees), top-surf, sie-surf, escape, contract, and rear. Top-surfing is described as floating, where only the foot is attached to the top surface of the water. Side-surfin is described as the foot being attached to the wall of the well. Rearing is the lifting of only the head and looking up while the rest of the body stays attached to the floor.