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Submitted by mlabib on Sun, 09/15/2019 - 19:06

The Monito Del Monte ( Dromiciops gliroides), is an endangered is a marsupial native only to southwestern South America. The geographic range of this species is what can help them obtain their optimal ecological success. This means, which range can maximize their reproduction, survival (food, resources) and habitat (prey, niche, etc). In 2001, the marsupial had a population size of 4000. In the beginning of this research study, this species was at its lowest peak of population size. In 16 years, this number almost doubled. I would assume that the species may have been initially under stress when it had first occupied the southwestern part of Argentina/Chile, but with genetic variation and natural selection, this species properly adapted, and is successfully functioning in the new environment. 



I love the topic you chose and I feel that you covered it rather thoroughly. I would, however, adjust your third sentence because it was a bit confusing to me. I am not sure what you're trying to say in the sentence. 

The topic you chose is very interesting and I love marsupials. It you are trying to write in a scientific tone, I suggest you to write without using the phrases "I think" or "I would". Keep in mind that scientific writers often try to avoid the use of personal expressions or statements in order to make their writing seem more impartial and formal. I also liked how you wrote your paragraph in objective language with clear, objective statement of facts. 


"is an endangered is a marsupial" first line