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Submitted by ziweiwang on Thu, 10/31/2019 - 23:40

Genomic analysis is the identification, comparison of genetic features and their expression through the use of techniques such as DNA sequencing and bioinformatics. Genomic analysis is generally considered to be divided into two categories; structural genomics which identifies certain genomic structures in the genome and functional genomic analysis which analyses the expression of genes and their interactions often also called transcriptomes. Genomic analysis was made available through the prevalence and availability of gene sequencing. While the Human Genome Project sequenced the entire human genome most of the genomic analysis would not be possible without the further accessibility of sequencing using other techniques such as next-gen sequencing and whole-genome sequencing that does not depend on the isolation of cells in order to sequence the genes. Because these data that are generated from sequencing are generally put in online databases, these data are both available and able to be used for purposes that were not intended by the researchers who have originally read the sequence. The data set contains so many different information that a single sequencing can be the basis of several papers. Because of this, there is a data analysis bottleneck where there is so much data that needs to be analyzed but there is not enough time or computing power to analyze the entire genome has been a problem in the field.



I think you might need an "and" instead of a comma between identification and comparison. The comma may work grammatically, I'm not too sure about the rules on that, but I think it would flow better with an "and".

I don't think your sentences should start with "because." Also, the sentence starting with "While the Human Genome Project..." is a run-on sentence. There needs to be a pause using a comma or starting another sentence, especially when you start with the word "while."

Comma needed after "While the Human Genome Project sequenced the entire human genome"

In the your sentence you could state the name of the data and where is came from. I think this paragraph is part of another paragraph.