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AQ 9/8 Draft

Submitted by atquang on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 15:07

It’s currently 2:36PM on a Sunday afternoon. This would be my second draft for this class. I plan to write about the events that happened Friday after class as well as Saturday morning. To start off, I met with my cousin at the campus pond to catch up on news and hang out. We talked for quite some time. I believe I left class around 4:00 and went to the activities fair that afternoon until 5:30. After meeting up with my cousin at the fair we went to the campus pond to talk for almost 2 hours, just sitting outside in the nice view while greeting friends that sometimes passed by. As someone who doesn’t go outside often, it felt nice to sit outside and do something different for once. We would occasionally have these talks through voice chat via Discord past midnight, but doing it face-to-face was different in a good way.


The day after was my EMT psychomotor (practical) exam, which took place at Ware High School. I was expected to pass 4 different stations, including resuscitation, medical and trauma patient assessment, spinal immobilization, and upper and lower extremity immobilization. At the end of the day, I was able to pass all 4 stations. I now have to complete a 2 hour and 15 minute written exam on 9/14. With this in mind, I should use my time to write drafts for this class not only to complete the assignment, but I could also use it as a tool to take away some stress, even if I don’t typically write about my feelings or stresses.


I understand that these drafts should typically be centered around a scientific topic, but I felt it may be easier to get a better feel of writing by starting out with what is on my mind. Writing descriptive and detailed observations can be easy to read, but I feel that there is emotion and a “sense of human” being left out when all we read is bullet points of observations over and over again. This idea of scientific writing in my head may be wrong, and if so, I hope Professor Brewer can answer that for me. Because this is my second draft, I hate that I cannot revise what I write, even though I see flaws as I write. I hope this idea of having things on paper versus revising on the spot solves itself as I get more used to writing. I will admit I am a student who typically does their writing assignments last minute. I hope I learn something new as I start a new routine of writing everyday.