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Ant. disc. 2 Death pits and Bullfighting

Submitted by mpetracchi on Wed, 09/25/2019 - 00:19

I have chosen Spanish bullfighting as my public event and it shares many similarities and differences with the death pits of Ur. Both are spectacles set before a public audience to show might. They are both considered the heritage of their civilization, that is, they are a part of the culture. Also, they both happen to revolve around cruelty of some kind. It’s interesting how both events are separated by so much time, yet some form of cruelty remains present. Maybe our interest in violence could be understood better by studying ancient civilization? Although they share some similarities, there are plenty of differences as well. The royal graves were the result of human sacrifice, which does not happen in Spanish bullfighting (however sacrifice of some kind does). Also, Spanish bullfighting is a spectacle not meant to incite fear anymore. It’s a public event enjoyed by the masses, who willingly attend. This is opposed to the death pits as those were made to inspire terror in anyone who saw it.

    As I previously mentioned the death pits of Ur were made to terrorize the commoners. This way the elites in power could demonstrate their might and keep everyone in check. There was no overthrowing the government if they could kill all the people in the death pits. It's no wonder the elites enacted such an event as the motive was very strong. Keep themselves in power by squashing any sign of a rebellious hope. Now with bullfighting, the intentions are slightly different. The public event is not meant to insight terror, rather provide entertainment. And it is continued to be enacted because if a politician were to deny it, public backlash may remove them from power. Therefore politicians must also carry out this ritual in order to stay in power, however, the severity of the event is arguably lesser than Urs’.