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Aloe Vera Draft 2/6

Submitted by kheredia on Sat, 09/07/2019 - 12:17

Descriptive factors:

spikes, spots, wet, big branches, small home environment, dry soil, not enough soil for the plant to survive, aloe vera pups, some brown spots 

Outside, the aloe vera plant in front of me stands approximately 11 inches high. The plant was store bought, and was in good health when first purchased. Today, two weeks later, the aloe vera is observed for progress. It has a thick exterior resistant to stronger winds. The spikes that peek out on both sides of the succulent are not as sharp as they look. On the flat surface of each branch, there are light green spots that give the plant its vibrant look. Each branch meets at the center of the pot, and closer observation by touch reveals the dry soil surrounding it. Though the plant is large, the pot it resides in is small. One could make the assumption that the aloe vera is living in a cramped environment with little room to breathe. The conditions are not optimal for the succulent, which explains why the plant is beginning to show the first stages of decay. The damage is minimal, but I hypothesize within the next few weeks the decomposed areas will spread. However, at the center of the plant, it is glossy and wet: a sign of self lubrication and health. When lightly pressing on the branches, one could feel the gelatinous liquid inside. In addition, the succulent does not give off any notable scent.