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AI Part 2

Submitted by kheredia on Wed, 10/09/2019 - 17:33

AI is becoming bigger player in our lives. From environmental, to healthcare to finance, it is starting to really take over certain branches of the economy. Moreover, because of this technology, these sectors have seen optimizations of processes that were never thought possible. With all things exists tradeoffs, with some of them being in the ethical space. How will we consider future generations without a job and without a “purpose?” What will we do in a case where the best solution is not one that benefits humans? Many more questions must also be answered quickly because technology is constantly evolving, and governments are struggling to keep up with all these changes. Although government regulation can sometimes cause stifling to innovation, at the very least some sort of basic control must be put in place or we risk future generations coping with very big problems that are small and manageable, for the time being.