Hampson's Plates of the British Museum Noctuids

15 Text Volumes and Separately Bound Plates.

Plate CXCVIII: Noctuidae, Catocalinae, Catocala


[Hampson Plate CXCVIII]
(Plate CXCVIII Scanned by J.G. Kunkel from the original Manuscript)

  1. Catocala electilis

  2. Catocala augusta

  3. Catocala mescei

  4. Catocala repudiata

  5. Catocala stretchi

  6. Catocala hippolyta

  7. Catocala neglecta

  8. Catocala fuscinupta

  9. Catocala aspasia

  10. Catocala junctura

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