Hampson's Plates of the British Museum Noctuids

15 Text Volumes and Separately Bound Plates.

Plate CXCVI: Noctuidae, Catocalinae, Catocala


[Hampson Plate CXCVI]
(Plate CXCVI Scanned by J.G. Kunkel from original at 75 dpi)
  1. Catocala juncta

  2. Catocala optima

  3. Catocala marmorata

  4. Catocala amabilis

  5. Catocala szechuena

  6. Catocala timur

  7. Catocala desiderata

  8. Catocala irene

  9. Catocala californica

  10. Catocala parta

  11. Catocala faustina

  12. Catocala luciana

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