Hampson's Plates of the British Museum Noctuids

15 Text Volumes and Separately Bound Plates.

Plate CXCIV: Noctuidae, Catocalinae, Catabapta and Mormonia


[Hampson Plate CXCIV]
(Plate CXCIV Scanned by J.G. Kunkel from an original at 75 dpi)

  1. Catabapta serena

  6. Catabapta habilis

  2. Catabapta nebulosa

  7. Catabapta neogama

  3. Catabapta piatrix

  8. Mormonia aholibah

  4. Catabapta dionyza

  9. Mormonia fredirica

  5. Catabapta subnata

  10. Mormonia scortorum

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