Field Club Mailing List

If your interested in getting announcements about field trips, talks, interships, jobs, and gradaute oppurtunties, then sign up for the two Field Club mailing lists.

Announcements List

This list will send information about upcoming meetings, field trips and talks.

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If you missed or lost any emails you can find them in the mailing list archive.

Job/Internships List

This list will send information about jobs, internships, volunteer work, and graduate school oppurtunties in organismal and field biology.

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If you missed/lost any emails or would rather just browse the jobs list, you can find them in the Jobs List Archive

Note:Both mailing lists are send only. Please do not try to contact us through the lists.

Student Club Officers

The club will have an organizational meeting at the beginning of the spring semester during which club officers will be selected.

Faculty Advisor

Peter Houlihan
352 Morrill Science Center
Biology Department, UMass-Amherst

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Biology Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst