Mailing List

Course Mailing List and Archive

This course has a mailing-list. All messages that are sent to the list will go to all subscribers and will also appear in the mailing list archive. In this way, you can always go back and find messages that have been sent previously.

Subscribing to the List

If your course is using course accounts your account will have been auto-subscribed to the mailing list and you'll be able to read the mail using TWIG. You should check the mailing list frequently for class announcements.

If your course is not using course accounts, you can subscribe any email address to the list. To subscribe to the list send email to with the words subscribe fieldclub in the body of the message. Or simply submit your email address below:


This will send a subscription request to the email address you specify. You must follow the directions in that message to subscribe to the list.

Send a note to the List

If you send a note to:

your message will be sent to everyone who has subscribed to the list.

Note: If you Reply to a message from the list, your reply will automatically go back to the list. If you want to send a message to only the author, you need to copy and paste the author's address and replace the address of the list in the To: line.