Printing in the ISB

Submitted by rootlet on Fri, 08/31/2018 - 11:24

Short Answer

When you print, you'll need to authenticate. Then follow the Print Release short (on the Desktop), enter your Biology Department username and password. Print as many things as you want -- they'll go to your queue where you can release them.

Longer Answer

There are printers in labs in the ISB that are managed by the Biology Department Technical staff. These printers are named for Reef Islands and include nifiloli (in ISB264), nupani (in ISB360), nukapu (in ISB364), and ngawa (in ISB368). These printers are already set up on the computers in these labs and computers in those labs should already be directed to point at the correct printer by default. All of the printers are set up on all of the computers, however, to make it simple to print to another printer if one is backed up or malfunctioning.

Users need a Biology Department account to print. You can look up your account information here.

You need to authenticate to the printer and visit the print release page in order to print.

There are also a set of printer control scripts that can help manage the queues of the printers which are at the bottom-right on the Print Release pages.