Printing in the BCRC

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Print jobs in the BCRC will be held until you visit the print release page to release them. You can also access the page via a shortcut on the desktop in the BCRC.

You need to authenticate with an account to print. If you have an "at-bio" email address, you already have an account. If you've been enrolled in a Biology or Microbiology class this year, you have an account. Students in other life sciences classes can request accounts. If you look for an account and can't find one, use the page to request accounts for your class. If you have an on-going need for an account (you're working in lab in the department), you should speak with your program advisor (for graduate students) or faculty advisor (for undergrads) to request a permanent account. Please allow several days for having a accounts created.


The BCRC has two black/white printers: "provizonta" and "ronkonta". There is a poster printer "farbonta" an HP Designjet Z5400 Postscript that can print (in CMYK color) on 36" or 42" roll paper for which we charge $3/sq ft.


Before using the poster printer in the BCRC, you should make arrangements for billing. Bring a speedtype number with you when you come to print your poster.

In the BCRC

The BCRC computers are set up to print to provizonta, ronkonta, and farbonta as a user which isn't authorized to do printing. When you print, most applications will prompt you to enter a username and password. (An exception is Illustrator, which puts the job in the queue and you then need to select the job in the queue and click "Resume" upon which point the printing system will ask you to authenticate).

Print Release System

After you have submitted some jobs, you can visit the print release page, select your jobs, and release them to the printer. It is at this point that the system will check to see how many free pages you've printed and enforce the quota. The quota is currently set to 300 pages. If you need to print more than 300 pages, email and explain the reason.

To Setup Your Own MacOS X Computer

  1. While printing, select "Edit Printer list" from the list of available printers. This will open the Printer Setup Utility (in 10.5 this is the "Print & Fax" System Preference Pane, in previous versions, it is a stand-alone application in the Utilities folder).
  2. Use the "Advanced" printer setup tab -- you have to get to it different ways depending on the version of MacOS X

* in 10.5 and 10.6 you need to click the plus sign to add a printer and then right-click (control click) in the Toolbar of the nameless window that pops up, you can then add the Advanced tool (which looks like a blue gear). Once you've added "Advanced", you can click on it. It takes a really long time to get ready, but eventually you can follow the directions as outlined below.

  • in 10.4 you would click "Add", then hold down the Option key and click "More Printers..."; "Advanced" will show up as a selection in the uppermost drop-down menu)
  • in 10.3, you would hold down the Option key and click "Add" -- this step sometimes takes a while
  1. Select "Advanced" from the top menu (or Toolbar in 10.5).
  2. Select "Windows Printer via Samba" from the second menu (Labeled "Device:")
  3. Set the Device Name to "provizonta", "ronkonta", or "farbonta" to use the LargeFormatPrinter.
  4. Set the Device URI to:

* "smb://" * "smb://" * "smb://" 1. Popup the Printer Model menu * For provizonta or ronkonta, navigate to HP and "5200 Series" * For farbonta, navigate to HP and "Designjet 4000ps" 1. Click "Add"

The printer you selected should now be available in the list of available printers.

To Setup Your Own Windows Computer

  1. Open the Start Menu and select "Settings" -> "Printers and Faxes". This will bring up the printer List.
  2. Click on "Add a printer". This wil start the "Add Printer Wizard".
  3. Click "Next" to proceed with the installation.
  4. Check "A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer" bullet and click "Next".
  5. Check the "Connect to this printer" bullet and enter one of the following

* "\\provizonta" * "\\ronkonta" * "\\farbonta" 1. A warning message will appear called "Connect to Printer", select "Yes". 1. Another warning message will appear telling you that you do not have the correct printer drivers installed. Click "OK". * for Provizonta, select "HP" from the "Manufacturer" list and "HP Series 5200" from the "Printers" list and click "OK". * for Ronkonta, select "HP" from the "Manufacturer" list and "HP Series 5200" from the "Printers" list and click "OK". * for Farbonta select "HP" from the "Manufacturer" list and "HP Designjet 4000ps" from the "Printers" list and click "OK". 1. Windows will Copy the necessary Files and the printer will appear in the printer list. 1. Select "No" when you are asked whether to make the printer your default printer and then Click "Finish".

You will now be able to select the printer from the list when you print from any application.