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Week 8 - Citizen Science and the City Nature Challenge with Colleen Hitchcock

Submitted by dnavon on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 09:29

This week, Dr. Colleen Hitchcock of Brandeis University joined us to talk all about citizen science and its need for (and role in creating) strong science communication.  I hope you were convinced, as I was, that citizen science can be a fantastic mechanism for both hands-on outreach as well as publically engaged data generation.

Your assignment this week is to pick one of the "side quests" Colleen discussed (e.g. delectable oyesters, the great squirrel hunt), and design an engaging, informative ad to highlight that quest.  I will be forwarding an email from Colleen that contains some links to information about the Boston area CNC which may be useful in your design.  Colleen has requested that you share your campaigns on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and share them with her via those media to contribute directly to their outreach efforts.  I will be providing feedback on these graphics so please also send them to me by next Wednesday evening (any time before 8am Thursday morning is fine).  You may use email or just tag me on Facebook - either way.  Feel free to use any graphic/visual media you desire - a short video, a poster, whatever.  Make sure it is visually appealing and informative.  You may work with a partner if you'd prefer, but you may also feel free to work on your own.  

I've uploaded both Colleen's and Skye's slides to help you with all of this.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Next week will be a discussion-based class where we introduce the concept of blogging.  This will begin a unit on blogging which will include two guest appearances and one week of student presentations and which will take us almost to the end of the semester.  See you Monday!