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Additional Resources

Here are links to additional science communication resources.  I'll be adding more throughout the semester.  I hope they will be useful to you!

Quick Tips and Tricks:


Cornell's Practical Advice for Sci Comm

UC Davis

Marshall Shepard's Article in Forbes


Highly Suggested Light Reading:

Chaos in the Brickyard by Bernard K. Forscher (Free, short article at Science)

To Know but Not Understand by David Weinberger (Free pop sci article at the Atlantic)

Matthew Winkler's TED-ed on What Makes a Hero


Recommended Deeper Reading:

Houston, We Have a Narrative by Randy Olson ($12 on Amazon)

Am I Making Myself Clear? by Cornelia Dean ($10 on Kindle)

Escape from the Ivory Tower by Nancy Baron ($13 on Amazon)

Unscientific America by Chris Mooney & Sheril Kirshenbaum ($10 on Kindle)

Into the Woods by John Yorke ($12 on Amazon)

Scientific Literacy and the Myth of the Scientific Method by Henry H. Bauer ($10 on Amazon)

Writing Science in Plain English by Anne Greene ($12 on Amazon)

Connection by Randy Olson, Dorie Barton, & Brian Palermo ($9 on Kindle)

Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sachs ($16 on Kindle)

Story by Robert McKee ($21 on Kindle)


You can probably find and/or request these at the UMass or Jones libraries if you don't feel like spending money on them.