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Week 7 - Skye Long and Using Digital Visual Media in Science Communication

Submitted by dnavon on Wed, 03/22/2017 - 10:20

I hope you all enjoyed Skye's visit!  I feel like I learned a lot from her talk, and I hope you did too.  I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to workshop with her, but I think the tips & tricks she shared were useful anyways. I've asked her for her slides and will post them if she agrees to that. We spent most of the time talking about how to build an effective image or graphic, including how things like themes, color, balance, and weight play into your audiences' impression of the image.  We also looked at some Adobe products and how to use them for building different types of images.  Using layers effectively will absolutely become essential as you continue on in your career at UMass and beyond.  I fully plan to run through some of the Adobe online tutorials sometime soon - let me know if you're interested in working on those together.  

Next week, Dr. Colleen Hitchcock will be joining us via Zoom to talk about the role of science communication in citizen science.  I'm very much looking forward to her digital visit and hope you are, too.  Your assignment for next week is to read the two papers (attached here).