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Week 5 - 3MT Presentations

Submitted by dnavon on Wed, 03/01/2017 - 10:39

Hi all!  Fantastic job with your 3MT presentations this week.  You were all brilliant!  Remember - practice makes perfect, and you're just starting out.  Keep practicing!   We're striving to develop narrative intuition, or an instinctive feel for what makes a good story.  You can find examples of good (and bad!) stories all over science as well as in society.  When you watch a presentation from here on out, try to challenge yourself to answer the following questions: What is the story they are trying to tell?  What's the goal of this research?  How are they achieving that goal? Could they have done a better job presenting this by making their story more concise, focused, and/or organized? When you find a particularly good storyteller, especially one in your field, make a note of it.  These are the people you should try to learn from!

I think it's great that Eve started a peer-to-peer feedback section on the blog - I highly encourage you all to join that conversation! Remember that the more you put into this course, the more you will get out of it. Let me know if you're having trouble posting comments or logging into the site; I'm happy to help guide you.

Next week, please try to think of some compelling questions to ask Dr. Kelly! What do you want to know about being an engaged faculty member?  What information can she provide that will help you on your academic journey and beyond?  Feel free to jump in during the conversation with her - I want this to be a supremely informal session, not a real "interview" at all but more of a discussion.  You can find some of her outreach articles here and here.

See you all Monday!