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Week 10 - Tell Us About Your Favorite Blog!

Submitted by dnavon on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 11:08

Hopefully this week's Favorite Blog presentation wasn't too stressful for you all!  I think they went great :)  We had a nice discussion about the overall trends of what made blogs stronger or weaker.  One thing that consistently came up was the use of categories and tags to organize posts and make them easier to search and find.  It seems like we lean towards a simple, well-organized design with big, bold pictures.  Next week, we'll be workshopping a short (~150 word) pitch for a blog post with two members of That's Life [Science], a UMass IDGP-run blog founded about two years ago.  With that in mind, please come with a printed, doublespaced, 12pt font ~150 word pitch for a blog post you'd like to write.  This post can be on your own research or it can be on a related topic that you're interested in learning/communicating about.  Please include a tentative title with your pitch.  Our guests will run two activities designed to help you develop your pitch and title into a longer-form blog post.  

And of course let me know if you have any questions on any of this!  PLEASE REMEMBER our class next week will be held on TUESDAY - same time and place, but Tuesday rather than Monday.  Thanks!


- The articles are angled at answering questions that would come naturally to people. for example: "how does biodiversity help an ecosystem?". we hear a lot in society about biodiversity, but it is often a message that doesn't explain why biodiversity is important or even what effects it has at all other than having more different species. 

- The articles are aimed at answering questions that are relevant and already prevalent. for example: "5 ideas for doubling the worlds food supply" this addresses a current issue in the world, something that may be of concern to people. It is kind of giving the scientific angle of current topics a lot.