The BIOS Program 2021

The Biology Intensive Orientation Session (BIOS) is a rigorous academic program designed to enhance student success in life science majors. The program dates for 2021 are Sunday August 22 through Friday August 27.

BIOS immerses students in college-level biology coursework, and encourages interactions among academically like-minded students in the week just before the Fall semester.

The BIOS experience includes lectures, discussions, writing and test experiences and engagement in a group project for presentation. Students are also embedded in campus life and become familiar with dorm living, dining halls, the layout of campus.

Most importantly students meet each other, work together on challenging projects, and have a chance to develop friendships and study groups that can last for their entire college career and beyond.

Enrollment in BIOS requires concurrent enrollment in BIOL 151, Introductory Biology of Life Science Majors or BIOL 161H, Quantitative Biology of the Cell. All first year students in life science majors can enroll in this required course. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required after acceptance to the program (this money will be applied toward your BIOS fee upon participation). Acceptance letters will be mailed around the end of July. Full payment (minus any financial assistance) will charged by the UMass Bursar.

For more information about BIOS, please contact Susan Clevenger (, 413-545-2287).


The total fee for BIOS 2021 is $970.00 ($675.00 program cost and $295.00 room & board). Students live on campus for the duration of the program.

Financial assistance will be offered at a rate that corresponds with your academic year award; please indicate your interest in receiving financial assistance when you complete your application.

Final billing for BIOS will appear on your normal academic bill distributed by the Bursar’s office in the Fall semester.

Timelines and Due Dates

Acceptance letters with detailed BIOS information will be mailed around July 17, 2021.

Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.