Biology Computer Resource Center (BCRC)

This site is hosted on the BCRC server "snapper". It provides services in support of the BCRC, Life Science courses, and the teaching labs in Morrill Science Center. Most of the pages *about* the BCRC are now part of the Biology Department pages about the BCRC, including our list of resources and documentation.

For printing in the BCRC, there are the print release pages. If you're in the ISB, you need the print release on wahoo. If you're working in the ISB, you'll get redirected there automatically, if you try to connect the print release system on snapper.

There is a BCRC Wiki, which we mainly use for scheduling.

Server Updates

We updated the server operating system today (March 12, 2019) and are slowly bringing services back online. Please be patient and hopefully we'll soon have everything going again.

New Drupal 8 Website

I've migrated the content from the old BCRC site into this site and used it for exploring how to do Drupal 8. Not everything works perfectly, but I think its close enough for going on with.  Look for this site to replace the old Drupal 6 BCRC website soon.

Visual SFM

We've recently installed Visual SFM a GUI application for 3D reconstruction using structure from motion (SFM). It's an application that can create 3-D models from a group of overlapping photographs. To run it, start X-Windows and type "VisualSFM &" at the command prompt.

Jobs Filled

Our openings for Spring have been filled. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest. And welcome to Jessica, Fallon, and Innocent our new BCRC staff.

The BCRC will probably need to hire some consultants this semester. If you would like to work in the BCRC, please contact Steven Brewer. I will give preference to people with workstudy.