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To use the large flat-screen display in Morrill 337 follow these directions:

  1. Find the appropriate cable (HDMI or VGA) and run the cable carefully so that it will not be pulled or damaged.
  2. If you need an adaptor, attach the adaptor to the CABLE first, before connecting to your computer.
  3. Connect via HDMI (preferred) or VGA. If the last person using the display was using the same source and did not power off the display, it may simply turn on.
  4. If the display does NOT turn on automatically:
    1. Find the controls on the back of the display at the lower, left-hand side. There is a single row of buttons. The top button is the power. Press and hold momentarily until the power turns on.
    2. If it set to the wrong source, press the THIRD button (INPUT) which will bring up the INPUT menu. The HDMI cable is connected to HDMI3. The VGA cable is connected to PC IN.
    3. The resolution of the display is 1920x1080 (or 1080p). You may want to adjust "underscan" if that's an option on your computer to get the full screen to display.
  5. After you're finished, disconnect the cable. The display will turn off by itself after a few minutes. Or you can power it off using the directional menu: go down and click.

Before you leave, please dress the cables nicely over the hook for the next person.

Note: The remote is in the office of Steven Brewer (311A Morrill III) if you need to access some setting not available via the menus. Call 5-2272 for assistance.