Finals BCRC Schedule

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Time Mon Dec 10 Tues Dec 11 Weds Dec 12 Thurs Dec 13 Fri Dec 14 Sat Dec 15 Sun Dec 16
9:00 open Hien Truong Whuynh Whuynh RBottary (closed) (closed)
10:00 open Hien Truong Whuynh Whuynh RBottary (closed) (closed)
11:00 open Hien Truong Hongxiang Al-Shwauva RBottary (closed) (closed)
12:00 open Swiszcz Hongxiang Al-Shwauva RBottary (closed) (closed)
1:00 Hien Truong Swiszcz Hongxiang Al-Shwauva Al-Shwauva (closed) (closed)
2:00 Hien Truong Swiszcz open RBottary Al-Shwauva (closed) (closed)
3:00 Hien Truong open open RBottary Al-Shwauva (closed) (closed)
4:00 Apant open open Hongxiang open (closed) (closed)
5:00 Apant Apant open Hongxiang open (closed) (closed)
6:00 Swiszcz Apant Whuynh Whuynh (closed) (closed) (closed)
7:00 Swiszcz Apant Whuynh Whuynh (closed) (closed) (closed)
8:00 Swiszcz Apant Whuynh Whuynh (closed) (closed) (closed)