Finals BCRC Schedule

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Time Mon 12/12 Tues 12/13 Weds 12/14 Thurs 12/15 Fri 12/16
8:00 Lee msyed whuynh whuynh whuynh
9:00 Lee msyed annw annw whuynh
10:00 Lee msyed annw annw jkoech
11:00 msyed Ferony annw jkoech jkoech
12:00 Kazi Ferony whuynh jkoech jkoech
1:00 Kazi Hien Jobin Jobin jkoech
2:00 Kazi Jobin Jobin Jobin whuynh
3:00 Kazi Jobin Jobin jkoech whuynh
4:00 Swiszcz Kazi Kazi bmreilly whuynh
5:00 Swiszcz Kazi Kazi bmreilly Hien
6:00 Lee Swiszcz Swiszcz bmreilly (closed)
7:00 Lee Swiszcz Swiszcz Ferony (closed)
8:00 Lee Swiszcz Swiszcz Ferony (closed)