BBH Lab Meetings

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BBBH Group Meeting Schedule

Every other Tuesday, Morrill III Room 215, 1:00pm-2:00pm

1.3.17 CJ - Bezanilla Lab

1.17.17 Mingqin - Bezanilla Lab

1.31.17 Harry- Bartlett Lab

2.14.17 Tobias Baskin

2.28.17 Xiaohang- Bezanilla Lab Rotation Talk


3.28.17 Amanda- Bartlett Lab

4.11.17 Shu-Zon- Bezanilla Lab

4.25.17 Two-For-One Special! Jeff Heithmar (Bartlett Lab) and Darren Mallet (Bezanilla Lab)

5.9.17 Thompson- Bartlett Lab

5.23.17 Jeddy Chilufya- Bezanilla Lab Rotation Talk (putative)

6.6.17 Ellen- Baskin Lab

6.20.17 Jarrett- Bartlett Lab

This calender is subject to change to accommodate schedules of presenters and attendees. Stay tuned for updates!